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Happy 2016!!! 

(But Just How Happy??)
Posted by Rick Monday, January 4, 2016 11:19:00 AM

Happy New Year to you all!  My hope is that you got through the holidays unscathed and are no worse for the wear!  Well, don't look now, but 2016 is now here.  IF youa re like me, you will still be sigining things with 2015, but that should wear off in the next week or so.  If not, contact your local neurologist for a check-up.

So, what to talk about to start off the new year...well, that is the easy part.  As I do every year at this juncture, I always like to talk about document security.  It is getting worse each and every year, but we do not hear about it anymore because it has now become mainstream.  Identity theft is soaring every year, up about 10% to 20% each year.  Why?  It is not like we have not had enough warnings.  It is not like there are laws out there now to protect consumers.  Laziness?  An "it-can't-happen-to-me" attitude?  Not enough pressure to eliminate soft security at the document level?  I am not sure.  What I am sure about is that we are now entering tax season.  Your information is going to be bouncing across the internet at record speeds and onto the information highway.  It will also be in paper form, and you are going to be required, if you are a company that has access to people's social security numbers, account numbers, addresses, credit card numbers and a whole host of facts and figures about your clients, patients and customers, to destroy that information before you throw it away.  Period.  Case closed.  There is no other information needed.  Destroy it and then toss it.  If not, you are liable to be sued, and that is a fact.  Don't believe me?  Check out the information on the Web.  You will be amazed at what FACTA has to say about that.

I mean, why take a chance?  If you use a shredding comapny already, then you are one step ahead of the game.  But, there are issues with that and you know it.  Pay by the pound?  I bet you will not be throwing away those old magazines to be shredded.  But what about your employees?  They see a shred bin and BAM!  Gone.  They do not understand the per-pound thing.  Or maybe they jsut don't care.  You are paying for much more than you need to.  Also, do not get me started on the "bonded" person.  Trust me, bonding is as good as a handshake these days.  Bonded is a paper that says that they will not release your information to the public.  It does not say about the informaiton that they witness for themselves as they are shredding away.  The best and safest way to do the shredding is to do it yourself.

Don't buy into the rhetoric that it is costly and takes too much time to do it yourself.  I shredded all of my old stuff the other day and it took me the length of time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.  And cost?  Most industrial-strength shredders cost about the same as a good deskside laser printer these days.  Here at CBM Business Machines, we are so convinced that shredding is a necessity in this day and age that we represent 2 shredder lines:  Formax and Kobra.  We have about 40 different shredders of various prices, sizes and shred types to take care of your needs.  At the end of the day, shredding will be here for a long time.  Your personal information will be here for a long time.  And thieves?  They have been here since the beginning of time.  Don't take a chance in 2016.  Give me a call to discuss your shredding needs. You'll be glad that you did!!