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I Got to Thinking Lately.... 

(smell the smoke?)
Posted by Rick Tuesday, October 14, 2014 10:00:00 AM

You know, writing a blog is pretty nice for some people, and a nightmare for others.  For me, it is kind of cool in that I can use one of my less-used talents (writing) to create things that I normally would not do.  For others, it is nightmarish, just trying to come up with content and new subjects to write about.  For me, I really want this to be about work, sales and the company, but I do not want to do something over and over again.  So, I got to thinking about what I wanted to write about and it hit me--why not do an entry about our fine people here at CBM?  Great idea!!

Well, it obviously starts at the top.  Don Felix, our owner and CEO, is obviously our leader extraordinaire.  Former military in the first Gulf War, having been injured over there while serving his country, he brings a stability to an otherwise crazy business environment.  He is the soul of the company and keeper of everything CBM.  His vast knowledge is key in the business realtionships that we build here at CBM Business Machines  Our administrative people have been here quite a while with the company.  Fred, our Operations Manager, has his hands on everything CBM.  It is his extensive knowledge of the ordering, tech dispatch and company logistics that keep CBM ticking like a well-wound watch.  Carrie is our project person.  She is part-time admin and part-time sales.  She has a solid knowledge of the finances and AP/AR departments of CBM.  In the last four years, she jumped into the sales department to help out whenever needed.  Mark, our service manager, is the oil of the CBM machine.  His vast knowledge of not only our systems, but computers and networking in general, as well as the machines that we service and sell, make him the most perfect choice for service manager. Got a problem?  Ask Mark!  Our service department is, in my opinion, one of the best in western Pennsylvania.  Rikk, Paul, Jason, Shawn and Matt all have certain strengths that they bring to the team, but one thing is for sure:  they will work on an issue until they get it corrected.  With their vast amount of technology and tools, they will research, make calls to tech support numbers, virtually anything to get the job done fast and efficiently.  Their understanding of the machines that they service daily is a testament to the time that they put into their education of their jobs.  They take a pride in what they do...and it shows!

Outside of the Johnstown area lies a vast amount of territory to cover, but that is not a problem at all.  Matt is our government sales person, and he is one of the most knowledgeable people in this part of the industry.  He also has the thick skin of somebody that deals with government contracts, as this part of the industry is truly brain-melting stuff.  Having to navigate the 'red tape' of government contracts takes a certain person, and Matt is our guy.  Rob is our northern tier salesman, and he does a fine job.  Having been in St. Marys for most of his life, Rob has a charisma and friendliness that endears him to customers, older and newer.   Need something?  Call Rob.  And finally, I have been in the business for 20 years...13 of those with CBM.  I truly enjoy what I do and the best part is dealing with people.  I really enjoy sitting down with a person or people and working through the daily grind to find solutions to their problems.  I find it refreshing and the reason I get up every morning to come to work.  I just thoroughly love my job!  When I was given the opportunity to work for CBM, it was a "no-brainer".  You have to love what you do and work at what you love...pretty simple idea.

Well, there you go.  A blog post dedicated to the hard workers of our world here at CBM Buisness Machines!  They are most-deserving of much more, but for today, they are stars of the blog-world.  And they are my friends, my co-workers, and people that I "go to battle" with every day.  So, if you would excuse me, I have another customer to take care of.  Until next time...