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2017...A New Time for the U.S. and local... 

Definitely not the good ol' days!!
Posted by Rick Monday, February 13, 2017 11:50:00 AM

Well, we made it.  Another year, and I bet your resolutions went down in flames by the end of the first week, right?  Not to worry.  It is the same old story, just with a new twist.  A new President is at the helm and chaos exists.  Not sure why they just do not let him do his thing and THEN protest if it goes awry!  Getting after him right out of the chute is not good for business.

Of course, I do not want to get political here, seeing that this is a blog about our business...our thriving, office machines business.  I hope that somewhere along the line you hear a nugget of wisdom and think to yourself, 'Self, we need to try these folks out down there at CBM! They sound like they know a thing or two!'  And, I do believe that we know a thing or two...about all things copiers, all things printers and all things printed, detroyed, twisted, folded and taped.  We have been doing this for over 53 years now!!

Speaking of that, I think that you would be hard-pressed to find a company that can do your output devices, and then show you equipment to bind it, fold it or do whatever you need to do to get it out to the public.  We are the one=stop shop of office automation...and you really need to give us a try.  Technology is great these days,  you know.  Ever hear of a pressure sealer?  It uses a special paper that has a glue strip, and you can do letters, checks or personal letters, without having to use an envelope!  Need to get rid of papers that you had to hold onto for 7 years per the IRS?  Commercial shredders are the way to go.  No waiting for the shredder company to come and get it.  No worries about it blowing away in the wind.  Walk up to the shredder, drop it in the hole and listen to the purr of the machine as it cross-cuts your document into bite-sized pieces.  Heck, we even have shredders that are built by Ferrari...and yes, they are fast!!  Laughing

Look folks, our industry changes on a dime.  We have many competitors out there that claim how great they are.   Heck, they even show up at your door dressed like the tax man in their suits and ties, just like they did 50 years ago.  The industry has changed.  It is more progressive, more laid-back, in a casual, 'we-got-this' style, helping you to decipher what makes your office tick without crushing your budget.  We are an industry of helping customers who want the best product for the best price.  You want the tax man look?  We can still do that.  Do you want an expert that can walk you through the pitfalls of maintenance agreements, lease contracts and somebody that knows how to create options for you...not shove a piece of machinery down your throat that just happens to be in their showroom at this time?  The ties do not make the expert--product and customer knowledge does!  We are consultants...we are listeners...we want happy customers, fulfilled to the brim because we listened, we understood, we got creative and we can do it in khakis, a clean, pressed business casual shirt and still take care of your needs.  No more fancy-dancing, no more hoops and circuses.  No more bait-and-switch.  Oh, and did I happen to mention that we have been here since 1964?  Our crew is still young enough to understand the changing trends, but old enough to know that business is business, and your business needs expertise in its corner...not Joe Smith, Copier Robot from the 1980's. 

By the way, have you recently lost your vendor because of a recent "merger" or buyout?  Do not feel like everything will be A-O-K.  It may not be.  These were competing businesses at one time, and now they are one.  What really changed?  Your vendor is now gone and the new vendor is in charge, like them or not.  The names will change, and so will the business acumen that you have always been used to.  The contracts will be different over time and guess who will pay for that massive acquisition?  YOU WILL!  The end-user always does, whether it is in premium pricing, higher service rates, higher consumable rates, higher everything...except customer satifaction.   Remember the technician that you had that was friendly and had your back?  He may not be there anymore.  You may be forced to do something or settle for something that you are not happy with.  Just pick up the phone and give us a try.  Our consultations are always free, as well as any advice that you may want in plotting out your next move.  Do not bow to the pressures of your "new partner".  Lord knows they will not bow for you.  Until next time, y'all have a great day, keep your spirits high, and your vision even higher.  God bless you all! †