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Tax season is half over 

(did you file YOUR taxes yet?)
Posted by Rick Tuesday, March 4, 2014 8:51:00 AM

2014...the year of not being able to catch a break!  The weather has been the worst in quite a few years and now, I am talking about tax season.  But the reality is that tax season is half over now.  Did you file yet?  I know that every year, we talk a big game in my house about having the taxes done by March 1, but as usual, I am lagging behind this year once again.  Not sure why the procrastination, but it is a common theme.  What should be a common theme for our CBM customers, new, old and potential, is that you should use this time of year to take an inventory of the pieces of equipment around you.  Not a bad time of year to replace or refresh a printer in the office, take a look at that copier contract that you have not pulled out of the drawer since the day you put it in there, or maybe just give us a call to talk briefly about what new technoilogy exists out there to move  your office into the 21st century.

It is also a perfect time of year to talk about some spring deals.  We are just like anybody else in the business world.  Our warehouses stack up over the winter with inventory, stored junk and lots of boxes and skids, and we will make use of the warmer weather (once it gets here!) and do a thorough spring cleaning.  Along with the massive clean out, we also like to move inventory, so be on alert for a great deal as we clean out the winter warehouse doldrums and put together a "deal of the century" for you!

Oh, and before I forget, may I take this time to wish our Irish (and those who claim to be Irish!) at this time of year an early Happy Saint Patrick's Day.  Pretty cool how the wearing o' the green lines up perfectly with the beginning of spring.  Somehow, even the green haters have to agree that they are more than ready to see the green real soon.  Enjoy!!