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Spring cleaning is not all that bad, you know!! 

Posted by Rick Monday, April 14, 2014 9:05:00 AM

Well, we may be getting a little more cold weather in the next few days, but that pales in comparison to the awesome weather weekend that we just had.  The warmth was just what the doctor ordered, and many took to the playgrounds, parks and waterways to enjoy the true first glimpse of spring for 2014.  However, with the warmth, it has become quite apparent that the annual ritual of spring cleaning will be upon us very, very soon.  Spring cleaning, though a lot of work for many, is a welcomed sight, as the throngs of "stuff" that was hoarded up over the winter is put out at the curbside for trash.  Windows are opened to allow the rush of fresh air to push out the old, stale, wintry air from our homes, and laundry lines are full of freshly washed linens and clothing.

Spring cleaning has also begun to many offices around us too.  With tax season about to end, I, like many of my cohorts, find this the perfect time to do some spring cleaning with our desk areas, conduct file cabinet cleanups and even do some old file deletion on our computer desktops in keeping with the spring cleaning mantra.  Either way, we all can feel spring in the air, and it makes us much happier.  When taking this time to do some cleaning around the office, keep in mind that those old files really should be shredded and destroyed, lest you become a target of information thieves.  A good office shredder will last you a lifetime if you purchase the right one.  Formax, one of the leaders in office document shredders, is a manufacturing vendor of CBM's and has supplied us with one of the strongest lines of shredders in the industry.  We also represent Kobra, a veritable newcomer to this industry, but the makers of one of the sturdiest deskside shredders that you will see (they are also designed by Ferrari!!).  

So, pack away those thermal undies, break out the flip-flops, and get prepared for one of the best springs in recent memory!!  Oh, and don't forget the shredder!!