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Spring has Sprung...we think! 

Posted by Rick Wednesday, April 13, 2016 9:10:00 AM

Officially, by calendar entry, spring is here.  However, Mother Nature has decided that spring arrives when SHE wants it to arrive.  So goes nature!!  However, with spring, you add the second word to it to create "spring cleaning" and what better way to do that than to look around your desk area, the office, the closet spaces, the warehouse and start tossing out the junk that has been collected over the winter.  It is also a great time to take a look at the office machine environment and see what you may have on the hit list for replacement.  Or better yet, reward yourself for not littering the office over the winter with a brand, spanking, new paper shredder.  Not the cheap, Staples-kind that burns up if you put in three pieces of paper.  No way, I am talking about the kind that has chain drives, steel gears and could shred a 2 x 4 if needed!!  With the great lease rates available, you could have the shredder-of-need for less than $90 a month.  Or how about that printer that is getting streaky...the colors not looking so good.  CBM has that for you too.  The clunky, old copier?  Yep, got you covered!!  You just need to call us, that's all!  We can show you all of our wares and I promise you we will have something for you--GUARANTEED!!!

OK, no more sales pitches for today.  How about a little politics?  I know...I am already tired of it too.  And it has only just begun.  Looking at the candidates, if you feel like I do, we are in serious trouble this time.  Neither Democrat nor Republican have a solid hook to hang their hats on this time around.  Now, i know I may get pushback from that comment, but the serious truth is, look deep inside of yourself and ask yourself if any of the candidates truly make you smile and relax, knowing that with them in office, our borders are safe, violence will decrease, the national debt will get reduced dramatically, and jobs will be available at a record pace.  In my opinion--NOPE!!  It is going to be a long 4 years on the other side of this thing, and I jsut hope that the country ends up OK until the next best thing comes along for the Oval Office.

Either way, do your duty and get out on the 26th and vote!!  That way, we can spread the blame all around!!  ;)