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Can You Really Put a Price on Lost Identity? 

Document shredders...the low-cost solution to identity theft!
Posted by Rick Friday, June 21, 2013 3:32:00 PM

Seriously, people, there really is no way to put a price tag on losing one's identity.  All it takes is for one hacker, one dumpster diver, one quick flick of a wrist on somebody's desk to send your company into a downward spiral and begin to lose everything.  For you owners out there, you have to rely on your employees to often times protect even the smallest of corporate secrets, passwords to your "online vaults" and sensitive corporate information and policies.  Employees, when you are hired, you entrust your employer with all of your basic personal information:  address, telephone numbers and the big one--social security number.  Corporate thieves would have a field day if they were able to access that information.  It is the expressway to wiping you out for sure.  How about those office spring cleaning know, the ones where you are getting rid of a year or two worth of 'unnecessary' paperwork, documents that have outlived their necessary timelines and such?  Without the security of a paper shredder, you would have to either rip up all of those documents, or worse, just throw out the old files.  Of course, people think, 'Yeah, nobody is looking in MY dumpster for anything.  We are small beans to thieves.'  Really?

At the end of the day, look at the question posted above and seriously ask yourself that question very slowly.  If your info got out...just once...could you recover?  Could your company rebound from a huge cash loss from theft?  Why take the chance, right? For the equivalent of a McDonalds Happy Meal each day, you can get the necessary piece of equipment that will inevitably thwart any corporate hijackers from accessing your information by rummaging through your garbage cans, dumpsters and maybe even your source of unlocked transportation, and put unneeded documents through a destruction system that is built to your needs and specifications.

By the way, for those of you that took the initiative and bought one of those really nice, $99 deskside least your heart was in the right place!  Nice start, but buy about three or four of them to replace that one when it burns up at year's end.  Or do yourself a favor and call us here at CBM.  We know what you need.