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Summer security is PIVOTAL for your business 

Posted by Rick Wednesday, July 16, 2014 9:16:00 AM

Have you been watching the news lately?  It seems that every summer, crime ramps up to epic proportions.  It seems that the warm weather brings everybody outside, and from there, the trouble begins.  That is because mobility is easier.  Snow is not around to slow things down, the temps are conducive to the "night owls" staying out later, and people are able to get around much better, allowing them the 'opportunity' to scope things out much better.  For house thieves, people's home decor offers them plenty of hiding places, i.e. shrubbery, yard knick-knacks and things like that.  Vehicular crime is up, as more vehicles take to the road, creating more congestion in our streets and highways. You can see that the ingredients are in place for the criminal element to take charge and do what they truly want to do.

Keep this in mind when it comes to your business, folks.  This is the time of year that a lot of folks take advantage of the good weather to rid their storerooms of unnecessary junk.  Old files are tossed out without thinking of the ramifications of their actions.  Thieves walk among us, people.  I wathce d avideo last night of a man that left his stuff on the beach for a few moments while he packed his wife and children in their car to go back home and when he returned, two women were trying to take his stuff.  He caught them on camera, and instead of owning up to it and leaving, they confronted him for taking the video, verbally and physically attacking him.  Do you not think that if given the chance to rummage through your garbage to find important information on your business that they would pass it up?  Not a chance!  All it takes is one criminal to take advantage of one opening in your business defense to put your company on the road to ruination.  I have talked with people that go out and purchase a $99 paper shredder and feel that they have just bought a piece of the Department of Defense.  This is not the case at all.  Don't you think that your business, whatever it is worth to you, deserves having a commercial-grade paper shredder to leave no vital piece of information behind?  Do you feel that having a cloud-based storage facility at your beck and call would be worth anything to you?  I would think that in this day in age, the extra few dollars to have the best would be worth it for your company's safety.

So, please, as you look at your business and try to find ways to protect all that you have created, bring in an expert that can look at your business from a little different perspective and give you legitimate suggestions on how to keep your business safe.  Call the experts at CBM Business Machines to lend a hand.