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Little Things DO Mean a Lot 

Posted by Rick Monday, September 23, 2013 3:32:00 PM

I was thinking a few days ago about a comment I heard my son say.  My 10-year old was talking about how a friend of his had helped the teacher at his school do something, and he said, "I guess little things DO mean a lot!"  I had to chuckle because though he does say some of the darnedest things, I realized that was a saying that you certainly never hear a child say, or for that matter many adults these days.  But it is certainly the truth, don't you think?  It really does come down to the little things:  the occasional smile as you walk through the checkout at a department store, the extra portion on your plate at a restaurant, or a little something for the kids from your wait staff.  It may seem harmless, meaningless or even a bit trifle at the time, but when you stop and think about it, when a person goes that extra step and gives you that little extra something, you really never do forget it. 

I would like to think that our staff here at CBM do just that.  It has always been my feeling that we have one of the best service and office staffs in the world.  These ladies and gentlemen have great technical skills and I have heard that they also possess good personal skills too.  I have heard that the echnicians tend to do the extra little things before, during and after a service call and that makes our customers happy in a situation that is not ever really born out of happiness.  I mean, who really likes it when the copier starts going berserk, right?  But it is the service technicians of CBM Business Machines that show up, at your doorstep like the doctor's of old doing house visits, with their toolbags in hand, delving into a tough job and getting it done.  Along the way, they may tell a tale, fix another problematic office machine, or have valuable information to pass on to the rest of the staff.  Come to our brand-new facility and you will never have ot wait or feel uncomfortable at CBM headquarters.  Technician or office staff, you may see them out in the community, shopping at the malls, having a libation at a local watering hole or helping out at a children's event.  Either way, they are community-minded people and it is because of them that your machines operate at the high levels that they do, and that your accounts are taken care of accordingly.  It also does not hurt when they also show their personal side from time to time and do one or two of those "little things" that mean a lot.