Are You Tired of Politics Yet?

Posted by Rick Wednesday, August 3, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Are you tired of politics yet? Well, are you ?  I know that I sure am.  I got to talking with a few folks the other day about this subject and realized that I am not in the boat alone.  It seems that politics is not like it used to be.  You had Republicans and Democrats, squaring off each year for a variety of offices, and then you would have to listen to ads about what they were going to do about bolstering the economy, adding jobs, making America and our city better for all.  There was talk of the candidate's credentials and how THEY were the person to do the job.  They boasted of how THEY would make it better  It is not like that anymore, though.

The occasional mudslinging has now turned into contentious rhetoric.  A constant barrage of how the other candidate is NOT the person for the job and then laying out all of their nasty skeletons-in-the-closet, as if the other candidate has none *wink, wink*  This daily war of words has now turned me sour to this and any other campaign in the future.  I myself, a school director for my school board, would not resort to these tactics to gain an upper hand in any race.  It is just not that important to squash somebody's integrity to gain a foothold on an elected office position.  Being a person and a good human to me is more important than constant, bitter, divisive words about the competitor's lack of character and integrity.  Unfortunately, the American people are feeding off of this frenzy, and watching each day, like the soap operas of old, to see who gains the upperhand with their daily speeches dripping of nastiness.  And, like many other of my fellow Americans, I am tired.  I am worn out, and I am completely turned off and tuned out of this election, one of the biggest in the history of our Nation.  I turn on the televison in time to see more news about speeches that lash out, denegrate and intensify the hate between the candidates adn the parties themselves.  I have checked out long ago.  When will the American people realize and understand that the politics that we hear about is not a WWE werestling match that is pre-rehearsed and the outcome already decided?  This is not a Broadway play being acted out on television for the entertainment of the people.  This is real life, with real consequences.  In a world that is no longer safe to travel to foreign lands for any American, we are looking at two people, vying for the Presidency, that can neither be trusted nor supported.  They have both lied to their fellow constituents, they both have MANY skeletons in their closets and still, issues have not been tackled.  It is a just a constant barrage of silliness and empty rhetoric.  If I wanted to watch the circus, I would pay my money for the ticket to the big top, buy a popcorn, and enjoy the actual circus professionals that do it on a daily basis and know what they are doing.  This circus is a farce and it is becoming nothing more than a waste of my time and American people's time.

In tehend, one will get elected, the loser will sulk adn the parties will continue their steep and steady schism from each other.  Gone are the issues and potential solutions to the issues.  If you are Democrat, you are sure NOT to get the Republican vote, no matter how right your solution may be.  And of course, the same will happen for the Republicans attempting to get teh Democratic vote.  Bipartisan?  Not in our country.  Not anymore.  If you are considered bipartisan, you are an outlier, an alien, a fool for thinking that it is possible.  Our great country has been that all along--great--but with the political parties continuing their all-out assault on each other's integrity and character, this country is on a collision course to another Civil War of epic and catastrophic proportions.  In a country that cries Black Lives Matter, rather than All Lives Matter, it may already be too late.  And the strength of our country, our political system, is failing us miserably once again.

For small business owners and the workers that feed that small business engine in America, we are nothing but pawns in this dangerous chess match, standing by and helplessly watching as the politicos tear apart this once-great country of ours, built on the blood and sweat of American-born and immigrants alike, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, in the mud and muck, building a better America for our children and their children.  This is not what we want.  We want solutions, not fighting.  We want prosperity, not pipe dreams.  We want progress, not regression and depression.  For now, that seems to be a million miles away, as we have been duped into believing in a system that is nothing but a paper empire.  And as we all know, paper burns.  Let's hope that in this election year, we all turn to our religions, the God that we pray to and serve, and beg for a better solution to this agonizing time of year that has become an American Presidential election.  At least He is listening.


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