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Copycat competitors... 

I guess it is flattery in some degree!!
Posted by Rick Tuesday, May 16, 2017 4:04:00 PM

I am a person that just does what I need to do on a daily basis.  Nothing flashy or exciting.  I am the sales manager and I take my job seriously.  I have to in this crazy, uber-competitive business of office machines.  Trust me...each day I have new attacks on the current customer base.  I spend the majority of my time not only trying to protect my customer base like a shepherd with his sheep, but I try each day to find new customers, to open up new doors.  Often times, you have to steal a client from a competitor, but oh well...que sera sera.  They do it to me, so why not do it to them?  That is how business goes in this day and age.

What I find extremely interesting, however, is when a competitor not only steals your customers, but when they start to steal your ideas too!  Yep...that is happening as I speak.  About two years ago, a competitor that will remain nameless, but uses a host of letters in their name, stole an idea of ours that was strictly in the planning stages.  We had a great advertising idea to start using a superhero, Captain Copier, and he was going to be, like one of the local car dealers had many years ago, the mascot of our company advertising campaign.  Nope--hold the presses.  Turns out, a competitor beat us to the punch.  How, you may ask?  Coincidence?  Hmm, not sure.  But we had to move on and so we did.  What was really crazy, though, was when we started to sell the enigneering, wide-format systems to local construction firms and places like that when we heard that...yep.  Said competitor also began selling a remarketed brand of the same machines that we sell.  Running for public office?  Yessirree, got that covered.  Same competitor.  Went to extensive training for managed print services?  Updating the website?  Moving into a new building?  How about purchasing a new vehicle for the fleet?  Yes, yes and yes.  And all of them done within a few months of us doing the same activity.  Interesting!!

And now, I go onto their website to see what a current customer of mine told me about to find that they are now selling 3D printers.  Want to guess what type?  3D Print Systems.  Want to know who also sells 3D Systems?  You got it!!  CBM!!

End game:  I guess that our lifestyle here at CBM is extremely appealing and that, as the old advertising used to say, "I want to be like Mike".  Well, now they are trying to "be like CBM".  Flattery is good but useless, so good luck with that, my friend.  Character is a personal trait that you are born with...you cannot grow it like hair.  We have character; we enjoy our customers and want to do what is best for them, not the other way around.   

2017...A New Time for the U.S. and local... 

Definitely not the good ol' days!!
Posted by Rick Monday, February 13, 2017 11:50:00 AM

Well, we made it.  Another year, and I bet your resolutions went down in flames by the end of the first week, right?  Not to worry.  It is the same old story, just with a new twist.  A new President is at the helm and chaos exists.  Not sure why they just do not let him do his thing and THEN protest if it goes awry!  Getting after him right out of the chute is not good for business.

Of course, I do not want to get political here, seeing that this is a blog about our business...our thriving, office machines business.  I hope that somewhere along the line you hear a nugget of wisdom and think to yourself, 'Self, we need to try these folks out down there at CBM! They sound like they know a thing or two!'  And, I do believe that we know a thing or two...about all things copiers, all things printers and all things printed, detroyed, twisted, folded and taped.  We have been doing this for over 53 years now!!

Speaking of that, I think that you would be hard-pressed to find a company that can do your output devices, and then show you equipment to bind it, fold it or do whatever you need to do to get it out to the public.  We are the one=stop shop of office automation...and you really need to give us a try.  Technology is great these days,  you know.  Ever hear of a pressure sealer?  It uses a special paper that has a glue strip, and you can do letters, checks or personal letters, without having to use an envelope!  Need to get rid of papers that you had to hold onto for 7 years per the IRS?  Commercial shredders are the way to go.  No waiting for the shredder company to come and get it.  No worries about it blowing away in the wind.  Walk up to the shredder, drop it in the hole and listen to the purr of the machine as it cross-cuts your document into bite-sized pieces.  Heck, we even have shredders that are built by Ferrari...and yes, they are fast!!  Laughing

Look folks, our industry changes on a dime.  We have many competitors out there that claim how great they are.   Heck, they even show up at your door dressed like the tax man in their suits and ties, just like they did 50 years ago.  The industry has changed.  It is more progressive, more laid-back, in a casual, 'we-got-this' style, helping you to decipher what makes your office tick without crushing your budget.  We are an industry of helping customers who want the best product for the best price.  You want the tax man look?  We can still do that.  Do you want an expert that can walk you through the pitfalls of maintenance agreements, lease contracts and somebody that knows how to create options for you...not shove a piece of machinery down your throat that just happens to be in their showroom at this time?  The ties do not make the expert--product and customer knowledge does!  We are consultants...we are listeners...we want happy customers, fulfilled to the brim because we listened, we understood, we got creative and we can do it in khakis, a clean, pressed business casual shirt and still take care of your needs.  No more fancy-dancing, no more hoops and circuses.  No more bait-and-switch.  Oh, and did I happen to mention that we have been here since 1964?  Our crew is still young enough to understand the changing trends, but old enough to know that business is business, and your business needs expertise in its corner...not Joe Smith, Copier Robot from the 1980's. 

By the way, have you recently lost your vendor because of a recent "merger" or buyout?  Do not feel like everything will be A-O-K.  It may not be.  These were competing businesses at one time, and now they are one.  What really changed?  Your vendor is now gone and the new vendor is in charge, like them or not.  The names will change, and so will the business acumen that you have always been used to.  The contracts will be different over time and guess who will pay for that massive acquisition?  YOU WILL!  The end-user always does, whether it is in premium pricing, higher service rates, higher consumable rates, higher everything...except customer satifaction.   Remember the technician that you had that was friendly and had your back?  He may not be there anymore.  You may be forced to do something or settle for something that you are not happy with.  Just pick up the phone and give us a try.  Our consultations are always free, as well as any advice that you may want in plotting out your next move.  Do not bow to the pressures of your "new partner".  Lord knows they will not bow for you.  Until next time, y'all have a great day, keep your spirits high, and your vision even higher.  God bless you all! †     

Keeping America's offices humming 

Posted by Rick Wednesday, August 17, 2016 2:43:00 PM

Yessirree!!  That is what we do here at CBM on a daily basis.  We are the folks that keep the offices moving right along, taking care of their office equipment with a crew of the best techs in the industry.  It takes the right equipment to maintain a high level of business acumen out there in the real world, and it all starts with the daily pressure that you put on your office machines.  The copier is the most technical of them all, and will require a trained service technician to properly repair it to get it back into running condition.  But in the end, no matter how well your service technician can get the job done, it all comes down to having the right equipment in the first place.

In this day and age, the saying, "You get what you pay for", is right on the money.  You really do get what you pay for.  I continue to battle the budgets of companies and their want of the best equipment for the cheapest price.  IT DOES  NOT EXIST, FOLKS!  There are no cheap, fantastic machines out there.  There are cheap, and then there are fantastic.  Like everything else in this world, you will have to pay a little more premium for the best that the industry has to offer.  Oh, and there are no free lunches, either.  Now, that being said, I have been known to throw a few freebies into a deal to make it work, and trust me, they are legitiamte freebies.  They are gimmes, for my customers, that will hopefully allow me to have the better deal moving forward.  But nothing can be said of the quality that is sold here at CBM.  We have one of the best copier companies at our disposal--Canon--and in the end, you will pay a few more dollars, but you are getting the best quality in the industry.  The numerous awards and accolades are proof-positive that Canon leads the world of copying and MFP systems.  

If you want "cost-effective', I have those too.  We sell the Copystar (Kyocera) brand, and for the money, they are fairly nice systems.  These machines are best when placed in offices that have a lower volume band than the norm, but that is what we are trained to talk about.  To have the best and make it work the best, you have to have your sales professional come out to your site, sit down and talk about needs, necessities and budgets.  Only through that conversation can you get a true, solutions-based plan to automate your office.

As a 21-year veteran of the industry in this region, when I say cheaper is not always better, that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, folks.  If you have not been stung yet by a cheap purchase, it is just a matter of time.  In this industry, cheap means less time in uptime.  That, is fact.  I have seen it way too many times, and quite frankly, I have made some money on the rebound effect...selling the right equipment to those folks that got burnt and had enough.  In the end, my job is to help you make the best decisions as it relates to your office equipment, and when the decision is 100% money-driven, things get a little skewed and can lead to a lot of headaches. 

On your next acquisition, do yourself and your staff a huge favor, and let the experts of office automation help you through the pitfalls and pratfalls of purchasing by assisting you in the final decisions.  And, that decision will have you humming a happy tune!!

Are You Tired of Politics Yet? 

Posted by Rick Wednesday, August 3, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Are you tired of politics yet? Well, are you ?  I know that I sure am.  I got to talking with a few folks the other day about this subject and realized that I am not in the boat alone.  It seems that politics is not like it used to be.  You had Republicans and Democrats, squaring off each year for a variety of offices, and then you would have to listen to ads about what they were going to do about bolstering the economy, adding jobs, making America and our city better for all.  There was talk of the candidate's credentials and how THEY were the person to do the job.  They boasted of how THEY would make it better  It is not like that anymore, though.

The occasional mudslinging has now turned into contentious rhetoric.  A constant barrage of how the other candidate is NOT the person for the job and then laying out all of their nasty skeletons-in-the-closet, as if the other candidate has none *wink, wink*  This daily war of words has now turned me sour to this and any other campaign in the future.  I myself, a school director for my school board, would not resort to these tactics to gain an upper hand in any race.  It is just not that important to squash somebody's integrity to gain a foothold on an elected office position.  Being a person and a good human to me is more important than constant, bitter, divisive words about the competitor's lack of character and integrity.  Unfortunately, the American people are feeding off of this frenzy, and watching each day, like the soap operas of old, to see who gains the upperhand with their daily speeches dripping of nastiness.  And, like many other of my fellow Americans, I am tired.  I am worn out, and I am completely turned off and tuned out of this election, one of the biggest in the history of our Nation.  I turn on the televison in time to see more news about speeches that lash out, denegrate and intensify the hate between the candidates adn the parties themselves.  I have checked out long ago.  When will the American people realize and understand that the politics that we hear about is not a WWE werestling match that is pre-rehearsed and the outcome already decided?  This is not a Broadway play being acted out on television for the entertainment of the people.  This is real life, with real consequences.  In a world that is no longer safe to travel to foreign lands for any American, we are looking at two people, vying for the Presidency, that can neither be trusted nor supported.  They have both lied to their fellow constituents, they both have MANY skeletons in their closets and still, issues have not been tackled.  It is a just a constant barrage of silliness and empty rhetoric.  If I wanted to watch the circus, I would pay my money for the ticket to the big top, buy a popcorn, and enjoy the actual circus professionals that do it on a daily basis and know what they are doing.  This circus is a farce and it is becoming nothing more than a waste of my time and American people's time.

In tehend, one will get elected, the loser will sulk adn the parties will continue their steep and steady schism from each other.  Gone are the issues and potential solutions to the issues.  If you are Democrat, you are sure NOT to get the Republican vote, no matter how right your solution may be.  And of course, the same will happen for the Republicans attempting to get teh Democratic vote.  Bipartisan?  Not in our country.  Not anymore.  If you are considered bipartisan, you are an outlier, an alien, a fool for thinking that it is possible.  Our great country has been that all along--great--but with the political parties continuing their all-out assault on each other's integrity and character, this country is on a collision course to another Civil War of epic and catastrophic proportions.  In a country that cries Black Lives Matter, rather than All Lives Matter, it may already be too late.  And the strength of our country, our political system, is failing us miserably once again.

For small business owners and the workers that feed that small business engine in America, we are nothing but pawns in this dangerous chess match, standing by and helplessly watching as the politicos tear apart this once-great country of ours, built on the blood and sweat of American-born and immigrants alike, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, in the mud and muck, building a better America for our children and their children.  This is not what we want.  We want solutions, not fighting.  We want prosperity, not pipe dreams.  We want progress, not regression and depression.  For now, that seems to be a million miles away, as we have been duped into believing in a system that is nothing but a paper empire.  And as we all know, paper burns.  Let's hope that in this election year, we all turn to our religions, the God that we pray to and serve, and beg for a better solution to this agonizing time of year that has become an American Presidential election.  At least He is listening.

Happy Belated Father's Day!!! 

Posted by Rick Monday, June 20, 2016 9:46:00 AM

I know, two posts in less than a week?!?  What is going on here?  I guess I should have wished our fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day, but I forgot, so here is an extra post for you guys!  It also brings to mind that I can tie in a few things here.

I am not sure about you, but I remember my dad (who is still with us, thank God!!) working pretty much every day to make sure that our family had everything we needed to thrive and survive.  I remember waiting for him to come home from the daily, full-time railroad job, getting showered up and putting on his uniform to then go out and work as a part-time police officer in our borough.  The second job was to make up for the first job's shortcomings in the pay department, and it was a job that he truly loved to do.  It would be the final job that he had as he moved on into retirement.  Former Marine, and now father of three boys, needing to provide for his family and having to work two jobs to do that.  My mother also worked a full-time job, so there was daily chaos in getting everything done, but we managed pretty well.  Dad was there for the bike repairs, the car repairs, the grass cutting episodes, snow removal episodes, and just about anything that was going on.  He offered advice when it was, and sometimes, was not needed.  But through it all, my dad was a rock, the modern-day Robin Hood of sorts, the guy that when times were down, and things looked bleak, he knew somebody, he knew something, he took the world on his shoulders and he made things right...or as right as they would eventually go.  This is an imperfect world with imperfect people, so Hollywood endings were few and far between.  But he placed his thumbprint on it and it all worked out in the end, in our little world of reality.

Two years ago, he suffered two strokes within days of each other and they almost took his life.  Through the drama that unfolded over six weeks, we had another learning experience with our father, but this time, it was the lesson of life and death. We learned the most valuable lesson of all, as we stared it right in the eyes, that life can be snuffed out in an instant, even when you think that you are ready for whatever is coming your way today.  Newsflash--you are not.  Dad recovered, pretty darn well, I think, but it is obvious that the event aged him.  His short-term memory is affected for the rest of his life, though not as bad as you would be lead to believe.  Sometimes, you will hear a recollection of his life twice in an hour, but it is ever-more as entertaining the seoncd time as it was earlier in the evening.  Based upon the events of two years ago, he can tell the darn story all night long, for all I care.  Just as long as he is telling the story--his way--and enjoying it the whole time.  He is still spry at times, witty with his jokes, affable and entertaining, like he always had been, telling tales of life and the foibles of work, the military, entertainment and raising three boys.  To look in his eyes, you can see that he is struggling with his health and the little aches and pains of getting old, like everyone of us.  But even through tough strokes and the subsequent health problems that will haunt him the rest of his living days on earth, his eyes tell us that dad is still there, fighting bad health issues, realizing that he IS human, but still trying to help out and assist wherever and whenever he can.  He was always a tough cookie, as his past life experiences have tempered him and rendered him protector for life, but he remains caring and cordial, something that he always has been, in spite of his tough Marine-like exterior.  I am fortunate that my son, who is now 13-years old, has had an opportunity to spend time with his grandparents, and has had the time to listen intently to my dad's life tales, enjoying them the same way we enjoyed the growing up.  He often cannot wait to see him and when he does, he hopes that pap is as animated as he always is telling stories, that we may sit and enjoy a hearty laugh at somebody's expense.  I used to get ticked off when I was the target of his humor, but over the years, I have come to appreciate that he does it out of his own special brand of love, and now, I relish in the fact that I am at the epicenter of his humor, regardless of how embarrassing it ends up being.

So, it may be a day late, but I truly hope that all of the dads out there had a very Happy Father's Day.  In fact, everyday can be a Happy Father's Day, if you allow it be.  For my dad, I hope he had a good Father's Day, and it is my plan to have my son and I spend as much time with Pap (and Gram too!) as we can, taking the time out of busy life schedules to be ther for them, like they have been there for us.  God bless you, dad!  Keep on entertaining us for years to come. 

As for the tie-in to the business, maybe next month. For now, I will let the fathers of our world just enjoy this little slice of life.  God bless.

CBM Tech Show and Open House a reality! 

Posted by Rick Wednesday, June 15, 2016 5:13:00 PM

It is finally going to happen.  After 8 years of being open in the new facility, we are about to have an Open House and Tech Show to show off our wares...and our smoking awesome building!!  Yeah, it's not the Consol Energy Center, but some great things happen here each day, and good business is being done all of the time.  So we have decided that it is high time to get moving on a tech show/open house.  It also dawned on us that this is a great time to do it, since we inadvertently missed our 50 year anniversary.  In 2014, CBM Business Machines turned 50 years old, and we never really cashed in on the festivities.  So, this is going to also be a "Happy 50th Anniversary + 2" party.  I know...it does not roll off of the tongue the same way, but you get the drift.

The bottom line is that companies do not stay in business for 50+ years, nor do they build million dollar facilities, if they are doing all of the WRONG things.  We do things right, here at CBM Business Machines.  And, if something goes awry, we do right by the customer.  That is how good business is done--always remembering that it is the customer that pays the bills for  you.  It is the happy customer that tells others about their experience and it trickles down to more customers.  That is why our motto has always been "Service at your door since 1964".  We pride ourselves in service after the sale--always have and always will.

So, this is your invitation to come on down to the CBM headquarters on July 29th.  The party is from 10am until 3pm, and ti will be a lot of fun.  We will have food, important seminars and jsut a bunch of friendly folk helping you make the right decisions about your office equipment purchasing and leasing.  Tell them that Uncle Ricky sent you!!!

Spring has Sprung...we think! 

Posted by Rick Wednesday, April 13, 2016 9:10:00 AM

Officially, by calendar entry, spring is here.  However, Mother Nature has decided that spring arrives when SHE wants it to arrive.  So goes nature!!  However, with spring, you add the second word to it to create "spring cleaning" and what better way to do that than to look around your desk area, the office, the closet spaces, the warehouse and start tossing out the junk that has been collected over the winter.  It is also a great time to take a look at the office machine environment and see what you may have on the hit list for replacement.  Or better yet, reward yourself for not littering the office over the winter with a brand, spanking, new paper shredder.  Not the cheap, Staples-kind that burns up if you put in three pieces of paper.  No way, I am talking about the kind that has chain drives, steel gears and could shred a 2 x 4 if needed!!  With the great lease rates available, you could have the shredder-of-need for less than $90 a month.  Or how about that printer that is getting streaky...the colors not looking so good.  CBM has that for you too.  The clunky, old copier?  Yep, got you covered!!  You just need to call us, that's all!  We can show you all of our wares and I promise you we will have something for you--GUARANTEED!!!

OK, no more sales pitches for today.  How about a little politics?  I know...I am already tired of it too.  And it has only just begun.  Looking at the candidates, if you feel like I do, we are in serious trouble this time.  Neither Democrat nor Republican have a solid hook to hang their hats on this time around.  Now, i know I may get pushback from that comment, but the serious truth is, look deep inside of yourself and ask yourself if any of the candidates truly make you smile and relax, knowing that with them in office, our borders are safe, violence will decrease, the national debt will get reduced dramatically, and jobs will be available at a record pace.  In my opinion--NOPE!!  It is going to be a long 4 years on the other side of this thing, and I jsut hope that the country ends up OK until the next best thing comes along for the Oval Office.

Either way, do your duty and get out on the 26th and vote!!  That way, we can spread the blame all around!!  ;)



Happy 2016!!! 

(But Just How Happy??)
Posted by Rick Monday, January 4, 2016 11:19:00 AM

Happy New Year to you all!  My hope is that you got through the holidays unscathed and are no worse for the wear!  Well, don't look now, but 2016 is now here.  IF youa re like me, you will still be sigining things with 2015, but that should wear off in the next week or so.  If not, contact your local neurologist for a check-up.

So, what to talk about to start off the new year...well, that is the easy part.  As I do every year at this juncture, I always like to talk about document security.  It is getting worse each and every year, but we do not hear about it anymore because it has now become mainstream.  Identity theft is soaring every year, up about 10% to 20% each year.  Why?  It is not like we have not had enough warnings.  It is not like there are laws out there now to protect consumers.  Laziness?  An "it-can't-happen-to-me" attitude?  Not enough pressure to eliminate soft security at the document level?  I am not sure.  What I am sure about is that we are now entering tax season.  Your information is going to be bouncing across the internet at record speeds and onto the information highway.  It will also be in paper form, and you are going to be required, if you are a company that has access to people's social security numbers, account numbers, addresses, credit card numbers and a whole host of facts and figures about your clients, patients and customers, to destroy that information before you throw it away.  Period.  Case closed.  There is no other information needed.  Destroy it and then toss it.  If not, you are liable to be sued, and that is a fact.  Don't believe me?  Check out the information on the Web.  You will be amazed at what FACTA has to say about that.

I mean, why take a chance?  If you use a shredding comapny already, then you are one step ahead of the game.  But, there are issues with that and you know it.  Pay by the pound?  I bet you will not be throwing away those old magazines to be shredded.  But what about your employees?  They see a shred bin and BAM!  Gone.  They do not understand the per-pound thing.  Or maybe they jsut don't care.  You are paying for much more than you need to.  Also, do not get me started on the "bonded" person.  Trust me, bonding is as good as a handshake these days.  Bonded is a paper that says that they will not release your information to the public.  It does not say about the informaiton that they witness for themselves as they are shredding away.  The best and safest way to do the shredding is to do it yourself.

Don't buy into the rhetoric that it is costly and takes too much time to do it yourself.  I shredded all of my old stuff the other day and it took me the length of time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.  And cost?  Most industrial-strength shredders cost about the same as a good deskside laser printer these days.  Here at CBM Business Machines, we are so convinced that shredding is a necessity in this day and age that we represent 2 shredder lines:  Formax and Kobra.  We have about 40 different shredders of various prices, sizes and shred types to take care of your needs.  At the end of the day, shredding will be here for a long time.  Your personal information will be here for a long time.  And thieves?  They have been here since the beginning of time.  Don't take a chance in 2016.  Give me a call to discuss your shredding needs. You'll be glad that you did!!




Much to be thankful for 

(Giving thanks this Thanksgiving Day)
Posted by Rick Wednesday, November 18, 2015 2:51:00 PM

As this post goes out on November 18, we are just a week from Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday that basically ushers in the Christmas season.  We are, in my opinion, smack-dab in the middle of the Big 3 holiday season:  the season that starts off light with Halloween, works its way to Thanksgiving and then ends with a huge bang with Christmas.  New Years is just the "bonus track" that you get with the Big 3.  As I looked back on what is now becoming a very quick 2015, I realized that there really is a lot to be thankful for.  On a personal note, my father was in recovery from strokes suffered late last year and the year was much better for him as he continues to heal and recover.  We did lose a family member early in the year (RIP Sister Rosie) as well as a friend of mine from Ambit (RIP Denise) but all in all, a family wedding, a fantastic vacation, my first Scout camp with my son and a bunch of positive family accomplishments, and I become one of those folks that has a TON to be thankful for. From a work perspective, sales were steady and good all year long, so add some more to the thankful bin!  So, what about you?  Have you taken a look at your thankful list?  First of all, if you are reading this, be thankful for the life you have.  Family?  Low to no debt?  Healthy children?  Healthy parents?  No fighting with the siblings?  Working steady?  Hey, this is the time of year that you can cleanse your palate of anything that might not have gone your way this year and move into the holiday season on an uptick.  I firmly believe that is what Thanksgiving is for--giving you the opportunity to thank God for all that you have thus far in the year and in life, and giving you the chance to move into the holidays to spend a little quality time with family, friends and loved ones.  Because, as you know, it will not be long until 2016 comes knocking at your door, asking for a new set of resolutions, a new set of hopes and another pipeline of dreams.

On a sour note, we at CBM Business Machines send out our sincerest of sympathies to the people of France.  They have now become the target of terror attacks and unfortunately, these attacks have jarred memories of 9/11 for we Americans.  We stand by you through your sufferings, and we back you wholeheartedly as you join our forces to battle the enemy that hides in the shadows.  May God bless you all in your endeavors and may the new year bring you renewed hope that terrorism can be snuffed out for good.


I, along with my fellow comrades here at CBM Business Machines, wish you all a very happy, healthy and restful Thanksgiving.  Until next month....


Happy September!! 

Or is it??
Posted by Rick Friday, September 4, 2015 9:40:00 AM

Like most of you, I am amazed at how fast the summer has gone by.  It seems like yesterday we were loading up the car and heading for the beach on our annual family excursion to Ocean City, Maryland for a week's worth of fun in the sun.  So, vacation in the rearview mirror, as well as a host of swimming outings, picnics, a Scout camp week thrown in for good measure, and now we are on to another year of school, Scout and church meetings, and gearing up for another holiday season that is, dare I say, less than four months away.  I noticed yesterday that the tree in my mother-in-law's backyard is shedding its leaves, a sure sign that autumn is just around the corner.  I am not sure about you, but autumn is one of those seasons that makes me excited for the festivals and fall fun, but a little melancholy because I am not sure that I enjoyed my summer to the fullest and now it is starting to fade.  Even Green Day wrote a song about it:  Summer has come and past, the innocent can never last...wake me up when September ends.

Anyway, I digress.  As this is a company blog, it is only right to talk about the company and the many goings-on at 647 Franklin Street.  As we move into the final third of the year, we are excited for not only the newest Canon products to hit the market, but it seems that all of our vendor partners are releasing new versions of their machinery.  Formax has a few new folders and pressure sealers in the hopper, Kyocera a few new printers and KIP is about to release a line of smaller, full-color products into the machine stream.  It all adds up to a very interesting and exciting end of 2015, while giving us an optimism about 2016.  Sales continue to be strong here at CBM Business Machines, and that is in large part due to the strong lineup of products that we offer, Canon being the flagship and the leader of those product rollouts.  Of course, with competition always nipping at our heels, it is always nice to know that with a great team of products and those folks assisting us with everything that we need, CBM can continue to be a leader in the region for office automation.  We always strive to do the best for our customers, and our consultative approach makes it easier to get to the core of people's issues and provide solutions based on their needs and not on the size of their wallets, as some of my competitors love to do.  Nonetheless, as the weather starts to draw down and get a little chillier, the days get a little shorter and we spend less time out in our backyards, keep in mind that CBM remains vigilant for your office machine needs and will do so for many years to come.  Or, as Billy Joe Armstrong so deftly sang:  Ring out the bells again, like we did when spring began, wake me up when September ends.  Happy Labor Day!!!

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