CBM Tech Show and Open House a reality!

Posted by Rick Wednesday, June 15, 2016 5:13:00 PM

It is finally going to happen.  After 8 years of being open in the new facility, we are about to have an Open House and Tech Show to show off our wares...and our smoking awesome building!!  Yeah, it's not the Consol Energy Center, but some great things happen here each day, and good business is being done all of the time.  So we have decided that it is high time to get moving on a tech show/open house.  It also dawned on us that this is a great time to do it, since we inadvertently missed our 50 year anniversary.  In 2014, CBM Business Machines turned 50 years old, and we never really cashed in on the festivities.  So, this is going to also be a "Happy 50th Anniversary + 2" party.  I know...it does not roll off of the tongue the same way, but you get the drift.

The bottom line is that companies do not stay in business for 50+ years, nor do they build million dollar facilities, if they are doing all of the WRONG things.  We do things right, here at CBM Business Machines.  And, if something goes awry, we do right by the customer.  That is how good business is done--always remembering that it is the customer that pays the bills for  you.  It is the happy customer that tells others about their experience and it trickles down to more customers.  That is why our motto has always been "Service at your door since 1964".  We pride ourselves in service after the sale--always have and always will.

So, this is your invitation to come on down to the CBM headquarters on July 29th.  The party is from 10am until 3pm, and ti will be a lot of fun.  We will have food, important seminars and jsut a bunch of friendly folk helping you make the right decisions about your office equipment purchasing and leasing.  Tell them that Uncle Ricky sent you!!!


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