Chart Capture

In this day in age, paper medical charts are becoming a thing of the past.  In fact, the US government is giving special tax credits and tax bonuses to help physicians and other medcial professionals convert from a paper chart format to an electronic chart format by way of Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR).

Chart Capture is leading the charge in assisting physicians of all kinds to scan and move their charts to the cloud for easy implementation to their EMR systems.  The Chart Capture system is custom-designed to your health records and to your office, and can cut down the time of scanning these paper charts from years to just a few weeks or months, depending how many people you have scanning the charts.  Chart Capture will show you a solution that works!


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Click the link below to see a quick, 90-second video on the revolutionary, new Chart Capture system.


Hey, all you lawyers, CPA's and anybody that has a file cabinet or 20 that you want to eliminate....Chart Capture isn't just for doctors anymore.  This system can be custom-designed to your business too.  Give the experts at CBM a call to discuss how an extremely affordable Chart Capture Scanning Station can help you clean up the mess we call 'file cabinets' and give yourself more room to breathe and function.

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