Computers and Networking

Networking your company or organization is essential if you are going to compete in the fast-paced, business world of today. In this ever-changing world of "gotta have it now" and lightning-fast communication, we have become ever-dependent on computers and their efficiency. Beyond a single computer, we now have computer networks which enable us to work in a team environment, allowing for file-sharing with our co-workers, giving us large quantities of data collection and now the need for extreme amounts of data storage.

Here at CBM, we are experts in all of the above. We design, install and service new network systems of all types and sizes, and we also upgrade structured computer networks for small, medium and large companies/organizations.  We are also very strong in disaster recovery planning as well.  With a network planned, built and maintained by the service experts at CBM Business Machines, you can rest assured knowing that your company's valuable information is safe from theft, fire and water destruction, or any other calamity that may befall your company in the future.  

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File Sharing
Network Design/Upgrade
File Storage
File Back-Up
Internet sharing and security
Office collaboration
Virus Protection
Spam Protection
Team Collaboration
Disaster Recovery Planning

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