Desktop Printers

Every printer is built for a specific task. But not every printer is the same.  Feel like you are paying too much for printer toners, print cartridges or maintenance kits?  The fact is, if you do not own a Kyocera, then you are definitely paying too much for all of  your print cartridges...and we can prove it!!  Just give us a chance.  We have printer experts ready to match a cost effective printing solution to your company's needs. From laser to inkjet and even copy machines that double as network printers... we have the printing solution for you.

Do you have a lot of printers on your network and really need to clean up the supply cabinet?  Why not have one of our experts schedule you for a CBM Business Machines Print Audit?  A CBM Print Audit will give you the information that you will need to make those tough printer decisions, by taking a close look at usage, supply yields and costs.  Through a CBM Print Audit, we may be able to save your company up to 50% of your current output of dollars. 

You've got nothing to lose and money to gain from having your very own CBM Print Audit!


 Kyocera desktop printers


CBM Print Audit