Document Security

There is no doubt about it...thieves are everywhere and your most confidential data is under attack daily.  It is estimated that billions of dollars each year are lost to hacked and stolen documents, lost information, stolen identity and corporate espionage.  CBM Business Machines can help.  With one of our document destruction devices, we will be able to show you how to effectively destroy any paper document, floppy disk or CD/DVD that you are in need of eliminating.  Though you may not need that information anymore, there are those out there that would just love to get their hands on it for their own use.  With document shredding systems from Formax or Kobra, we can provide the necessary solution for whatever budget you have.  Do not become a victim...take charge of your documents and allow yourself to decide their final fate.


 Formax shredders, paper handling equipment

Formax is home to some of the most well-built document shredding systems in the industry.  Housed on top of all-steel cabinetry, these machines are built with chain-driven cutting assemblies, steel gears and will run for years to come.  In both strip-cut or crosscut, these systems are designed to create shreds that are impossible to piece back together. 

Formax also has a full line of paper handling equipment, such as folders, folder/inserters, bursters and auto pressure sealers, just to name a few of their outstanding office products.  CBM Business Machines is committed to the full breadth of document security and document handling systems for our customers, and having a partner like Formax proves that we are serious about it.  If you need to destroy it, fold it, crease it, insert it, burst it or whatever you need to do with it, CBM and Formax has your solution.



Kobra shredders, document security

Kobra is the newest in the document shredder lineup for CBM Business Machines. Built in Italy by the people that bring you Ferrari, these systems are no laughing matter.  From a small deskside shredding system to the unbelieveable Cyclone, a system capable of shredding aluminum cans, Kobra's lineup is over 25 systems strong.  The technology is in the cutting assemblies and the drive systems for these Kobra document shredders, using the strength of composite cutting blades to ensure blade longevity.  These systems are known to have actually shredded pennies, thereby proving what we have known all along...Kobra Document Shredders are built to last...and last...and last!


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