Happy Fourth of July holiday to everybody!

Posted by Rick Monday, June 30, 2014 12:07:00 PM

My last post was to welcome the summer.  This post is to wish everybody a happy and healthy Fourth, but to also lament that the summer is really flashing by our eyes.  Please, slow down a little so that I can enjoy it a little bit more!!

I had a chance to go to the Gettysburg battlefields with my son last weekend, along with the scouts in his troop, and as a history major in college, I am appalled that I never got there earlier in my life.  I am quite happy to have finally made it, though, and what I found was nothing short of amazing.  I learned so much that weekend, from my son and his camping "expertise" (or my lack, thereof!!), to learning about a battle of the Civil War that definitely changed the face of America at that time.  The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the war, and like a last second 3-point shot in basketball, or a last-second field goal in football, the Battle hung on a few tactical errors and how the North took advantage of those errors to force a pivotal victory.  At the same time, the Battle would also change the population numbers, as the horrific losses piled up during the three-day standoff.  Brother battling brother, families ripped apart by not only the battle but family in-fighting, and parents losing sons, nephews and neighbors at a record clip, would all form a young America at that time, and establish the laws that we live by today.  The war is certainly over, but the scars will remain forever.

With the holiday fast-approaching this week, and mostly everybody enjoying the extra long weekend, take a little time to realize what Independence Day means to you and your family.  Somewhere, as with Memorial Day a few weeks ago, somebody laid down their lives to fight for the freedoms that we all enjoy today.  We never really take stock in what history has done for us as a country, so for this Fourth of July-Independence Day holiday 2014, take a few silent moments to reflect on our forefathers and the sacrifices they made to give you what you enjoy today.  Say a prayer, a silent thank you, and go on to enjoy the weekend.  You have all earned it--now live it!!


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