Print Audit

It is definitely no secret that inkjet printers are the bane of anybody's bottom line.  Do the math.  You will find that when you whittle it down to the base cost-per-print, inkjet printers are a drain on the profit of any company.  And most companies have many of these "money pits".  In fact, there are even some laser printers on the market that are the same, money-scorching systems that inkjet systems are, and most consumers do not even know it.  However, with the help of CBM Business Machines, many people are now realizing that there IS a better way to save money and keep it from going down the drain needlessly.

A CBM Print Audit is the answer.  Allow the specialists at CBM to take the time to truly sift through your current data to find you savings...IMMENSE savings, hidden within your printer fleet.  By using up-to-the-minute pricing and gauging tools, the experts at CBM will be able to arm you with the knowledge and information that you will need to "stop the bleeding", and we will show you a better way...a more cost-effective handle your printer and MFP fleet.  If you want to increase the bottom line, we can show you how.  Current CBM customers have saved from 20% to upwards of 50% in printer costs in just a short amount of time.

Don't put this on the back-burner, folks.  Partner with CBM Business Machines and allow us to do a Print Audit for you today. 


The Audit is free of charge but the information will be priceless...guaranteed!

CBM Print Audit